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Sleep Consultation Toronto

Sleep Consultation

Good Night. Sleep Tight.


As a Nurse Practitioner, I'm often asked about techniques to help improve sleep for the entire family. For many parents, having their little one sleep through the night or nap effortlessly may seem more like a dream than a reality! 


A Rested Baby is a Happy Baby...

and Happy Mom too!


Each family is unique and has its own preferences for how to develop healthy sleep patterns. As children transition from babies to toddlers, their sleep patterns change with their developmental stage. Both of my children had very different ideas when it came to sleep...or not to sleep!


Each consultation includes a personalized sleep plan that is customized for your family to help achieve its sleep goals in the following areas:


Mastering Naps, Schedules and Routines

Baby Sleep Strategies 

Toddler Sleep Strategies

Sleep Regression

Baby Sleep & Breastfeeding


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