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Infant Feeding

Infant & Child Nutrition

Each Baby and Child is Unique

Parents hear contradictory advice about what to feed their babies and toddlers. There are a few guidelines that are important to help you learn the facts in ensuring your child is receiving the appropriate nutrient intake for their age.


What You Feed Your Baby Can Have a Lasting Impression

What we eat as infants strongly affects our health, long-term body weight, metabolic programming, immune system, and overall aging. Waiting until 6 months to introduce solids into your baby's diet can minimize the risk of developing allergies. This is important if you have a family history of allergies, as the incidence of adverse food reactions does decrease if you delay weaning until 6 months. 



Here are some of the topics that we offer consultation and testing on:


Food Intolerance / Sensitivities / Allergies

Probiotic Counselling

A Step-Based Guide to Solid Food Introduction

Weight Gain & Growth

Nutrient Requirements

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