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Newborn Piercing

Welcome to Parent Guilt -

It Happens to Everyone!


Sometimes we make decisions for our children and they end up not going so well and we guilt ourselves into thinking "Maybe I should have done it differently..." or "Perhaps we didn't research it enough...". As a mom of 3 kids, trust me, it happens...a lot! And I experience it daily in my practice as a paediatric nurse practitioner where I see general paediatric patients for various illnesses, etc. 


Some of the best examples are parents who simply didn't know that they need to brush their little one's teeth (because they're baby teeth, and they're gonna fall out, right?) and then realize they have 8 or more cavities that will require a general anesthetic to have them filled. I can honestly see the guilt and embarrassment on their face as I conduct the pre-operative physical exam on their child. Or, what about the parent who decides to have their little one's ears pierced at a mall shop (because back in the day, that's how piercings were done) and it comes out uneven or worse, turns into a bad infection or reaction to the jewellery that was used? These things happen...


Lately, I've seen quite a few parents who have had mall shop piercings where the child either reacted badly to the jewelry (because of the high nickel content) or experienced a bad infection (because the mall really isn't the most sanitary place to pierce). As I read the long emails (usually time-stamped for the wee hours in the morning), I can sense the level of guilt and embarrassment that these parents are experiencing...especially when some of them have contacted us to find out more information and then decided not to choose us. We are never offended and we never want to make any parent feel guilty or embarrassed about this. This is real life...real parenting!


So, the point of this story is, if you have a bad mall experience, please come and see us. Let us help you fix it! We can either correct the bad placement, treat the infection or change the jewelry to something medical grade if it's simply a bad reaction. We want your piercing experience to be a celebratory milestone; not something that you will regret! 


Check out our information page or contact us directly if you need any help with a piercing experience that wasn't ideal. We would love to fix it and make it right for you!


Thanks for reading.... :) 

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